Mutual Funds

What Are Mutual Funds?
A mutual fund is a pool of money contributed by people with similar investment objectives. Investment professionals manage a mutual fund and select the securities that are held by the fund. Investors share the income, expenses and any gains or loses of the fund.
By investing in mutual funds, investors can access the kind of diversification and professional investment that is normally only available to wealthy investors.
Through Credential Asset Management Inc. we provide asscess to socially responsible investing with Ethical Funds®. Choose from balanced funds, bond funds, dividend funds, equity funds, income funds or money market funds.
Your Mutual Funds Investment Specialists at River City Credit Union are trained to tailor your portfolio to meet your individual needs and risk tolerance.
To book an appointment with our Credential Asset Management mutual funds investment Specialist please email or call 780-496-3482.
Money can be held in either a registered or in a non-registered fund.

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Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.  Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments.  Please read the prospectus before investing.  Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by any other government deposit insurer that insures deposits in credit unions.   There can be no assurances that the fund will be able to maintain its net asset value per security at a constant amount or that the full amount of your investment in the fund will be returned to you. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Ethical Funds® is a registered mark owned by Ethicak Funds Inc. and is used under license.


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