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Banking is safer and more convenient than ever before with plenty of options to transfer and handle your money.

Wire Transfers

Use our incoming and outgoing money transfer services to send funds to any financial institution in Canada, the U.S. or overseas.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes are an ideal and secure way of keeping important documents and valuables out of harm's way.

Benefits of Safety Deposit Boxes:

  • Your valuables are protected from loss due to break-ins, theft, vandalism or fire
  • Secure access ensures only authorized individuals can access contents
  • You can access your safety deposit box any time during branch hours
  • A privacy room is always available to help ensure confidential access to your contents
  • The annual fee for the safety deposit box may be claimed as a tax benefit. (Federal Regulations apply)

Foreign Exchange

No matter where you travel, taking local currency is a hassle-free way to pay for small and unexpected expenses. Our branches keep a supply of U.S. currency. Other currencies can be special ordered.

Foreign Exchange Benefits:

  • Convenience. U.S. dollars are immediately available at most branches. Other foreign currencies such as Euros and Britsh Pounds are usually available within a week if ordered before Wednesday.
  • Safety. Ordering currency before you travel avoids any potential difficulty of exchanging currency in a foreign country.

Insurance Services

Whether you are purchasing your first home, adding a vehicle to the mix or are traveling.  

Save up to 10% on your insurance through River City Credit Union's partnership with Johnson Inc. You can be assured that you will be receiving the best rates on your insurance services. 

When calling in (1.800.563.0677), let them know you are a member of RCCU so you may receive our group rate.

Or apply for an online quote:


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