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Becoming a member is easy. You and the members of your family can join anytime. Your membership starts with a refundable $25.00 common share investment. Once you have made your investment, you are a member, entitled to all the benefits of your credit union - the best service you can find, competitive service charges and interest rates - and your deposits come with a 100% guarantee through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (please click here for full details on the 100% guarantee). Once you open a membership account with River City you are always a member. When it comes to excellent service, River City Credit Union is the place to go.

River City Credit Union is a closed bond credit union serving current and former employees of several groups:

  • The City of Edmonton, and boards, foundations, authorities, or other such bodies, with present or previous affiliation with the City of Edmonton.
  • Publicly or privately owned telephone, telecommunications, utility and cable companies and their subsidiaries.
  • Edmonton Public and Separate School boards.
  • Employees and contract employees of the health care industry in the Province of Alberta.
  • Societies, unions, social clubs, athletic groups, or other charitable or nonprofit organizations sponsored by the above groups.
  • Past employees of any of the above groups.
  • Immediate family members of the above groups.

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