Youth Entrepreneur Program

Youth entrepreneurship is an amazing path.  River City Credit Union (RCCU) is proud to offer a program to support young entrepreneurs.  Youth can apply for up to $500 to start a summer business.

Application Process and Details

Who can apply?
*    Youth between the ages of 7 - 14.
*    Child or grandchild of member of River City Credit Union in good standing
*    Have a parent/grandparent that works for the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, TELUS, and Edmonton Public School Board.

How to apply?
*    Complete the application form and submit via email (, fax (780-496-3477), drop-off in-branch or mail.
*    A parent or legal guardian must sign the application form.

What kind of youth entrepreneurial business can be sponsored?
*    Any business that is legal and conducted by the youth is eligible. (Lawn cutting, lemonade stands, skate board repair etc.)

Does the business have to be registered?
*    The business does not have to be registered.

What is the maximum sponsorship amount?
*    The maximum amount per applicant in a calendar year is $500. The maximum amount that will be dispersed among all applicants is determined by The Board of Directors each year.

When will I know if I am sponsored?
*    RCCU will be in touch within 7 business days of receiving the application.
*    A RCCU staff member will go over the application with the applicant to discuss the estimated expenses and earnings.

What happens after I find out I am sponsored?
*    A youth account with RCCU will be opened and the sponsorship funds will be deposited directly, a non-binding contract will be signed and a special certificate will be issued.
*    The applicant will need to visit our main branch to receive the funds.


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