Credit Cards

The Business MasterCard® credit card provides expanded features for convenience and financial control to small businesses and corporate members. By consolidating business purchasing and streamlining billing and payments, it can help improve your cash flow and simplify expense management.

Choose Between Two Payment Options

Designed with you in mind, the card offers two payment options to suit the needs of your business.

  • Consolidated Pay - The consolidated payment option allows your business to pay all expenses on multiple cards in one simple payment which is a great advantage to businesses with several employees.
  • Individual Pay - With the individual payment option you can set up multiple accounts within your business account and pay them individually. This allows you to keep your finances separate from those of your partners or associates.

Optional Cash Back Feature

The Business MasterCard® credit card offers an optional cash back feature where you can earn back a percentage of your monthly retail net transactions. The larger your monthly net retail spending, the more cash you earn back.


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